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mer. 13 juil. 2022 15:41

Go.Data version 42 - Release notes

Go.Data version 42 is now available for download from its usual location. This version includes a number fixes and enhancements. In addition,  new versions of the mobile app which include some bug fixes are available in AppStore and Google Play.

- An issue where installer was failing to stop services when upgrading has been resolved. Upgrade process should now run smoothly.

Chains of transmission
- Chains of transmission page has been simplified and enhanced to require fewer click to generate, view and edit chains of transmission.
- Chains of transmission will now display Event name when chart is configured to display case ID or contact ID. In earlier versions nothing was deployed for event nodes when configuring chains of transmission to show case or contact ID as the label.

Cases / contacts

- Follow-up dashboard page has been enhanced and standardized using new user interface.
- Share selected contacts, Change source for selected items and Share selected exposures pages have been enhanced and standardized with implementation of the new user interface.
- Bulk edit follow-ups page has been enhanced and standardized with implementation of the new user interface.

Outbreaks and templates
- Clicking Save button on Modify outbreak and Modify outbreak template page won't send user back to view after save process finishes. This allows intermediary saves during questionnaire creation.
- Questionnaires in outbreaks and templates now have collapse / expand functionality when creating / modifying questionnaires.
- Questionnaires will now display text instead of icons on create / modify outbreaks and outbreak templates when screen resolution allows it.
- Clone question / answer functionality is now added.
- Markup questions are not any longer prefixed with numbers.
- Monkeypox template has been updated.

Reference data
- New functionality has been added on reference entries page that allow user to easily sort all entries (available under quick actions menu).
- Latitude and longitude fields have been added for Institutions, Laboratories and Sequencing laboratories.

- Events now have End date and Category fields. New Event categories can be added from reference data page.

Bug fixes / other
- Fixed an issue with reset password email not containing the URL necessary to reset password.
- Fixed an issue where no error details were displayed when import failed (all import pages).
- Fixed an issue where age wasn't automatically filled when date of birth was provided.
- Fixed an issue where reference data entries weren't displayed in dropdowns using the provided order.
- Fixed an issue where disabled (inactive) reference data entries were still available.
- Fixed an issue where KPI report could note be generated from dashboard page.
- Fixed an issue where pregnancy value wasn't removed when choosing "Male".
- Fixed an issue where user wasn't redirected to the proper page after bulk modifying follow-ups.
- Fixed a couple of filter issues on "View people" page.
- Fixed an issue where it was not possible to change help item description.
- Fixed an issue where empty dropdowns were displayed if a user didn't have access to change user allowed and active outbreaks.
- Fixed an issue where wrong breadcrumbs were displayed on import locations page.
- Fixed some language misspellings.

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il y a 17 jours

we can not change language in this version. So please give us the instruction to switch the language in this version. Thanks in advance

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il y a 16 jours

Hello Thang, you can change the language either in the login page on the top right of the screen, or directly from the Go.Data app when you click on your profile icon (top right of the screen), then go to `My profile`, then in quick actions you can access the `Language` menu.

From there you'll be able to change the language for your user.

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@Alexandre​ Thanks for your help. We will continue to customize our language and hopefully it will be apart of install package further 

il y a 3 jours

Where can I find the Go.Data software as a first time user?

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@MaNk​ Thanks for reaching out! Can you please email with your full name, institution, country, and intended use. We will then email you the installation files and connect you with regional/country focal points.

Sara Hollis

Go.Data Project Team